quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

This is for you my sweet friends !

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"...There is nothing special about me I am just a little star If it seems like I'm shining it's probably a reflection of something you already are
I forget about myself sometimes
When there's so many other around
When deep inside you feels darkest
That is where I can always be found
Just keep trying and trying It's just a matter of time and
Though the grinding is tiring
Don't let it stop you from smiling
Just keep trying and trying
Sooner or later you'll find it
It's surprising how inspired It is to see you shining
Cause in the dark of the night you're all I can see and you sure look like a star to me
There is nothing special about me I am just a lil star
If you try to reach out and touch me you'll see that
I'm not really that far
Oh I may not be the brightest
Nor am I the last one you see
Well as long as you notice
That's just fine with me ..."

I LY all <3

Lil Star

Kelis ft Ce- loo Green

 This is an excerpt of a music that i love hear the music HERE

 Isto é um excerto de uma música que eu adoro para a ouvirem  Aqui

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